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Rebote inflable con sistema de juego interactivo
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This is a race against an opponent and a test of your own skill. Each of two competitors tries to climb up the rope ladder. The one who makes it to the top first wins. Of course, if you fall, there is a nice soft inflatable floor to catch you. Universal in appeal, this interactive has a large potential for fund-raising events and great for prize give-a-ways! It is also very challenging, physical, great test of balance and coordination for all ages and a lot of fun!

The ladders are made of stretch resistant poly rope, the wooden rungs have a long-wearing finish the wedge shaped mat is made of 18 ounce coated fabric, and the frame is heavy steel. The frame is completely portable and requires no staking. Frame sections sleeve together. When dismantled, they easily fit into the back of a pick-up truck with the mat and blower.

Include 2 ladders, steel work, hardware, 1 air blower.

  • La escalera de Jacob inflable
    La escalera Twister, el juego inflable de Jacob's Ladder Sport
    La Twister Ladder es una atracción divertida. Además, el objetivo de esta atracción desafiante es subir lo más rápido posible en la escalera. Sin embargo, ¡esto no es tan fácil como parece! La escalera está floja y sujeta de forma segura por 2 puntos de anclaje: uno en la parte superior y otro en la parte inferior. Debido al peso del competidor, este último girará y girará. Si un jugador se cae, caen suavemente sobre la cama inflable.
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  • Escalera jacobs inflable
    Escalera pintable no clasificable
    The Unclimbable ladder is a great team competition game involving two players at a time. The idea of the game is to race your opponent to the top of the ladder and win the challenge by ringing the bell at the top first. The ladder is flexibly and moves and wobbles in all directions. It is a real test of agility and coordination. We manufacture this product in various different sizes and shapes so please call us for more details. As always it can be made in any colour or theme.
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